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Housing (Making rent, temporary housing solutions, etc.)

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Local updates to laws

Many communities have passed “State of Emergency” laws. This gives them the ability to change laws quickly in a moment of crisis.

Has your city instigated a ban on evictions? No utility shut offs? Be sure to add any restrictions that exist — Eviction Lab is tracking all updates. Click “View Outline” on your state to see a list of what policies are in place for you. (Reminder that these are at the state level and your local city might have additional rules in place to help.)

The CARES Act provides a temporary moratorium on evictions for most residents of federally subsidized apartments, including those supported by HUD, USDA or Treasury (Low Income Housing Tax Credit developments) as well a moratorium on filings for evictions for renters in homes covered by federally-backed (FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac) mortgages for 120 days after enactment. This searchable database and map allow some renters to identify if their home is covered by the CARES Act eviction moratoriums.

Worried about making rent

Here are some resources to help specifically with rent.

You can also look under the Income section for more resources

Just Shelter verified May 28 2020 Rent laws and eviction are highly localized so it’s important to find an organization in your area that can help. Use Just Shelter’s map of these organizations across the country to find one that can help you. They filter organizations by Housing Assistance (for if you need help finding housing or paying for it), Legal Aid, and Tenant Rights, both of which can help you navigate issues with a landlord, housing unit, or eviction.

National Coalition for the Homelessness verified May 28, 2020 Find out where to find resources and learn what to do if you’re about to become homeless.

Temporary housing solutions

Unfortunately, many colleges have started removing students from student housing with little notice. We understand that this puts students in an unimaginably hard situation.

For help getting home if this happens to you, click here to jump to the Transportation & Storage section of the guide.

Housing Assistance for Foster Youth added March 18, 2020, not verified If there are any foster youth that are being forced to leave college dorms due to COVID-19, they can email . They will provide or help find housing during the transition.

What to do if you’re in an unsafe housing situation

Whether it’s a bad relationship with parents, family, or the people you live with, we know an unsafe housing situation can happen quickly, and present many unique challenges. For many students, college was their reprieve from these situations, and being sent back to an unsafe home can be particularly difficult.

National hotlines that assist people with unsafe living environments are still operating. Many hotlines also have texting options that may be easier to use if you’re in self-isolation with other people, and want to maintain your privacy.

National Domestic Abuse Hotline verified March 18, 2020 They can help you create a safety plan, talk through self-care for you or a friend, and talk through social isolation. Phone number: 1-800-799-7233 Text number: 22522 Notes: Online chat also available. Also available in Spanish

Homeless shelters

We want to help you do everything possible to avoid homeless shelters right now. They are already overwhelmed and may not be able to keep people safe from infection during this public health crisis. However, if necessary, a shelter is better than going without housing altogether. These are the shelters we know are currently still open in our area. If you have other safe housing options, we advise you to explore them before entering a shelter.

Utilities & bills

Many utility companies have been ordered to delay shutoffs. Others have rolled out policies to help those impacted by coronavirus keep themselves afloat.

For any bills you need to pay, call them to see if you get your bills reduced or stopped temporarily. Be sure to state at the beginning that your income has been reduced due to the coronavirus crisis and you are unable to afford the current payments.

Do this for your water, electricity, gas, cell phone, internet provider, and any other utilities you may be paying.

Help with free wifi offers is listed in the Online learning resources section.

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