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Online Learning Resources (Access to WiFi, access to computers, etc.)

Updated: Apr 28

Many students who chose in-person learning have had their classes shifted to online learning with little notice.

Need access to Wi-Fi

Get the latest news on major internet and phone carriers:

Many phone and internet carriers have launched programs to help lower costs and expand access to cell data and internet. Check your local provider to see what options are available and how to access them.

Spectrum - Covid Specific verified March 20, 2020 Comcast - Covid Specific verified April 21, 2020 T-Mobile - Covid Specific verified April 21, 2020 Sprint - Covid Specific verified April 21, 2020 Cox - Covid Specific verified April 21, 2020 AT&T - Covid Specific verified April 21, 2020 Verizon - Covid Specific verified April 21, 2020

Tips & Tools for online classes

Reddit thread for tips verified April 4, 2020 The r/college community on reddit has been adding to this thread with advise for students shifting to online classes. This is a great place to find information as well as community.

Focusmate - 3 free sessions a week verified March 20, 2020 If you’re having trouble staying focused on your work, Focusmate can help. Sign up and tell them when you want to work. They’ll pair you with someone else at that time for you to virtually cowork with and be accountable to each other.
Public Books Database verified April 21, 2020 The Public Books Database is collecting a list of research materials and books that are publicly available to access for free during the coronavirus.
Babbel - Free 3 month trial verified April 21, 2020 Babbel is providing free 3 months of language-learning lessons for K-12 and College students located anywhere in the US.

SwiftStudent verified April 24, 2020 SwiftStudent is free and offers assistance to with template letters to Financial Aid Offices that help students appeal their financial aid package.

SoftMaker Office verified April 24, 2020 Students can now use SoftMaker Office NX Home for Windows, Mac and Linux free of charge.

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