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Local Healthcare

Use this list to find find free or income based health clinics, public health department clinics and community health centers in Philadelphia. Clinic services include:

  • Dental Clinic Services

  • Medical Clinic Services

  • Women's Health Clinic Services

  • Adult Health Clinic Services

  • Pediatric Health Clinic Services

  • Pediatric Dental Clinic Services

  • Behavioral Health Clinic Services

Philadelphia Health Centers City health centers are operated by the Department of Public Health. They accept Medicare, Medicaid, HMO plans, and most other insurance options. If you are uninsured, the centers will charge a small fee based on family size and income. Health centers can also help you apply for affordable health insurance.

Mazzoni Center The Mazzoni Center is dedicated to meeting the health and wellness of the LGBTQIA+ community and has served the Philadelphia region for 40 years. Accepts some insurances. Uses sliding scale payments for those who are uninsured.

Women's Medical Fund - Reproductive counseling and emergency support fund Women’s Medical Fund supports those living in poverty who need abortion care today by providing counseling and emergency financial assistance. They support women in the future by working to expand and equalize access to abortion through lifting the insurance bans and eliminating other barriers.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 24/7 COVID-19 Hotline 1-800-722-7112

City of Philadelphia Coronavirus 24/7 Helpline 1-800-722-7112

Opioid treatment support NET Community Care 844-533-8200 or 215-408-4987

What if I lose my healthcare?

Losing healthcare is considered a qualifying life event and you can register for healthcare through You have up to 30 days after losing your health insurance to enroll.

If your income or household changed and you have coverage through the Marketplace, update your information online or call 1(800)318-2596 to get instructions on how to adjust your plan. By doing this, you may save some money or even become eligible for free health insurance through Medicaid. Also, remember that you must renew your coverage during the upcoming enrollment period (dates TBD).

Medicaid If you are uninsured, are a citizen or lawful permanent resident (LPR), and meet the income eligibility criteria, you (and your children if applicable) may be eligible for free health insurance under Medicaid. This benefit offers free health insurance coverage for low income individuals and families. Call BenePhilly at 1-833-373-5868 to learn if you are eligible and get assistance with the application process. You can also apply on Compass, or through their app. The vast majority of children are eligible for health care coverage under the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP), even if the parent is not eligible. If you are not eligible but think your children may be, read more about it here.

Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN) PHAN is Pennsylvania’s only statewide consumer-driven organization working to expand and protect access to high-quality, equitable, affordable healthcare for all Pennsylvanians. If you’ve lost your job or your health insurance due to the pandemic (or for any other reason), you may be eligible for health insurance through the ACA marketplace or Medical Assistance (Medicaid), but you need to act quickly! Call their helpline at 877-570-3642 or contact them by email at

Pennsylvania Health Law Project PHLP provides free legal services to low-income consumers, seniors, and persons with disabilities who are having trouble accessing publicly funded healthcare coverage or services. If you are denied or terminated from enrollment in a publicly funded healthcare programs or if you have a service denied, reduced, or terminated, PHLP may provide you free direct representation on your appeal. Call their helpline at 1-800-274-3258 or contact them by email at If you are an international student and need health insurance, contact the International Student Office at your college or explore plans through companies like GeoBlue and to obtain coverage.

Where to get tested locally for COVID-19

There are over 50 testing sites in Philadelphia, you can find the closest using this map. You will be able to filter whether you have a referral or not, but most do not require referrals and most do not require people to be symptomatic to be tested. None of the testing sites require payment, insurance, nor proof of citizenship.

Since the passage of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) on March 18, most people should not face costs for the COVID-19 test or associated costs. Starting on March 18 and lasting for the duration of the public health emergency, all forms of public and private insurance, including self-funded plans, must now cover FDA-approved COVID-19 tests and costs associated with testing with no cost-sharing.

In addition to covering testing with no cost sharing for current Medicaid enrollees, FFCRA added a new option for states to cover testing for the uninsured through Medicaid with 100% federal financing.

For additional healthcare resources, check out the Healthcare Section of the National COVID College Support Site.

Still in need of help? Check out the other sections of the Philadelphia Local Guide.

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