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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

We know many students have lost access to jobs on- and off-campus due to social distancing restrictions, so we want to help you find access to money quickly.

The recently passed CARES Act has allowed for the distribution of stimulus dollars to individuals and families. If you have not received a stimulus payment yet and are unsure if you qualify you may see if you are eligible for it using this calculator. The deadline to claim your payment is November 21, 2020 (3pm EST). Unfortunately, if you were claimed as a dependent on your parent’s tax return you are not eligible for the stimulus dollars.

Access funds if you’ve lost your job

If you have lost a job or multiple jobs due to coronavirus, you are likely eligible for unemployment benefits and should file for them immediately. Unemployment benefits are provided at the state level. Find out how to apply for unemployment in Pennsylvania. When applying online or by phone (1-888-313-7284), it’s best to have the following information available:

  • SSN

  • Home address and mailing address (if different)

  • Telephone number

  • Valid email

  • PIN - Personal Identification Number (optional)- If you have previously filed a UC claim using your previous PIN can prevent you from having to re-enter information

  • Direct deposit bank information (optional) - bank name, address, account, and routing number.

Please Note: As of Sept. 9, 2020 the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has suspended the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program due to the fund's depletion.

If you are pregnant, or have dependent children or relatives in the home, you may also apply for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). This public benefit provides support through bi-weekly cash allowances and other key supportive services. If you were already receiving assistance, be sure to connect with your caseworker to discuss how to manage unexpected changes in school or work schedules due to COVID-19 so that you continue receiving your benefits.

Access local funding resources

BenePhilly Offers support and guidance with social service applications and legal assistance at various local organizations. 833-3737-5668

Campus Philly Campus Philly has job and internship listings specifically for college and recent post-graduate people. There are many types of jobs on this website. As we near the holiday season, temporary job opportunities during holiday breaks may include grocery or third-party food delivery services, retail, and food service.

Fresh EBT Offers an easy and secure way to check your SNAP (food stamp) balance, save money with coupons, and explore job posts or other money-making opportunities all on your phone. App is available in English and Spanish

Mutual Aid Philly Offers cash assistance, grocery shopping, prescription pickup, masks, prepared meals, emotional support, transportation, and other services. Complete this form to sign up for assistance. 215-798-0222 Email:

You may want to seek additional job opportunities here.

Get help from your college or university

Use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form to apply for financial aid. Make sure you are mindful of the federal and state deadlines associated with the FAFSA.

Check your financial aid package to see if you are approved to participate in the federal work-study program. If you are, your college may offer remote and in-person opportunities that would allow you to get paid and potentially improve your eligibility for federal benefits programs. If you are unsure if you are eligible for work study you may speak to a financial aid officer, the Career Services Center, or a counselor.

The CARES Act suspension of interest accrual and payments on federal student loans was extended through December 21, 2020. Nonpayment during this time will not affect public service loan forgiveness and other forgiveness or loan rehabilitation programs. Credit reporting, wage garnishment, and tax refund seizures will be halted during this forbearance period as well. Learn more about current federal student loan flexibilities here.

You may also apply for emergency aid at your college or university. The information may be on their COVID-19 information webpage but if you do not find the application, a quick Google search for “emergency aid” or “emergency fund” and your institution’s name can help to locate it. Connect with the Dean of Students’ office to inquire about aid available for food, housing, and other basic needs, ask a trusted faculty member if your college has a “FAST Fund” available, or look into the “Edquity” app.

Get an emergency loan

Like financial aid, we always recommend that you start with accessing money you won’t need to pay back; however, sometimes an emergency loan may be necessary. You may consider free interest loans that organizations like Central Scholarship, the Jewish Free Loan Association, and the Hebrew Free Loan Society, who are offering assistance during the pandemic.

For additional income resources, check out the Income Section of the National COVID College Support Site.

Still in need of help? Check out the other sections of the Philadelphia Local Guide.

Please note: Edquity does not endorse nor is Edquity associated with any business, organization, product or service that is mentioned in these Guides. Edquity is not responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information provided, which may change over time. We encourage you to contact the business or organization listed to receive the most up-to-date information.

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COVID College Support was curated by Edquity and local student partners to help college students navigate emergencies during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Edquity is an application that supports college students through tough situations, from redirecting them to the right resources to providing emergency funds in times of need.

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